Warranty Credit Request (WCR)

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Dealer / Contractor Account Number

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Homeowner Information

Claim Information

Failure Description

Compressor Failure

If this is a Warranty Request for a compressor failure, enter the defective compressor model number and serial number. Enter the replacement compressor serial number, if known. Replacement serial number may be entered by the Parts Center after the replacement compressor has been received.

Compressor tag or compressor return required for all warranty compressors. Some compressors must be returned to the factory for warranty credit, others just require the tag to be mailed in with the claim.

The claim will complete processing upon receipt of the compressor and/or tag.

Defective Compressor

Do not field scrap any warranty item until further notice from Hunton Distribution.

Replacement Compressor

Please hold part for return information.

By clicking the Submit button, you, as either a customer of, or a service technician employed by, Trane ("Requesting Party") do hereby certify that the above PART WARRANTY CERTIFICATION is true in all material respects today November 26, 2016

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